Rate for Domain Registration:

1 Year 1100 Taka only (.com. .net or .org)

Web Hosting

Web hosting means the place where your website files will be stored. There is monthly charge to host your site.

Web Hosting Charge

Package Features Starter Light Value Professional
Web Space 50MB 100MB 500MB 1GP
Hits per month 50,000 100,000 200,000 300,000
Monthly Bandwidth 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
No Banners/Pop-ups Yes Yes Yes Yes
No advertising e-mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Premium Member Area Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote File Posting
Email address 1 5 10 25
E-mail Forwarding Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Access of POP E-mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
FrontPage Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 Year 200 Taka 400 Taka 800 Taka 1500 Taka

Web Design

We also design your website attractively. Normally we charge 10 page website design with 10 graphic picture about 3000 taka. The pricing of website design vary as your requirements. Please contact us for best pricing for website design.

Special Offer

  • One Year domain (.com or .net or .org) registration for example
  •  5 Page website design (e.g. about us, our services, our products, contact us)
  •  5 Graphic picture to add your site
  •  1 year 10MB Hosting
  •  No annoying banner advertising in your site
  •  5 Web and pop email address with your domain name

Price : Only 2000 Taka  

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